Meetings, Events & Tasks

Preliminary List of events for 2023 season

The schedule below will be updated as needed throughout the year.

MeetingLocationDate and timeComments
Kick off meeting and registration.St Barnabas Church UndercroftSaturday March 25, 10:00-12:00 
Work day 1 + Seed Exchange!St. Barnabas gardenSaturday April 22  1pm to 3pm   Alternative date for bad weather: Saturday, April 29Move to afternoon based on previous experience. 
Weed and Greet: Weeding and clean-up 1St. Barnabas gardenWednesday May 17 18:00-19:00Bring a Chair!
Weed and Greet: Weeding and clean-up 2St. Barnabas gardenSaturday June 17, 10:00-12:00Bring a Chair!
Weed and Greet: Weeding and clean-up 3St. Barnabas gardenWednesday July 19, 18:00-19:00Bring a Chair!
Weed and Greet: Weeding and clean-up 4St. Barnabas gardenWednesday, Aug 23, 18:00-19:00Bring a Chair!
Work day 2: Bed rebuild/repair; Weeding and clean-up 5St. Barnabas gardenSaturday Sept 23, 10:00-12:00Bring a Chair!
Wrap-up meeting: Final clean-up & Bed rebuild & repairSt Barnabas Church UndercroftSaturday Oct 28, 10:00-12:00Coffee & tea
  1. Kick-off meeting. Attendance is MANDATORY. Completed registration forms, annual rental fee and deposit (if new to garden) must be sent to the Treasurer by a gardener (or a proxy) for each bed.
  2. Work day 1; Setting up the garden for the season. Mulch weeding & refreshing; rain barrel set up; check rain water run-off piping and replace as needed; reset loose paving slabs; check for evidence of hares in garden; repair any gaps in fencing; general tidying. 
  3. Weeding and clean-up, sessions 1-4. Weed mulched area and communal vegetable, fruit and herb areas, cobble path to main (east) entrance, and paving stone driveway. Changing paper filters in rain barrels. Inspect fruit trees and raspberry canes, pruning and removing pests (aphids etc.).  Turning compost (bin 1 to 2; bin 2 to 3 as directed by committee).
  4. Work day 2; Bed rebuild/repair raised beds, and weeding and clean-up.  Replace rotted and badly warped boards. Re-lay loose concrete block walls.
  5. Wrap-up meeting. Garden committee will review the season, and listen to comments and ideas from gardeners.

Shared Tasks for 2023 season

Common Tasks

  • Clean rain barrel sieves, replace paper towel, and check the taps are closed
    • If barrels have recently emptied or overflowed, add a teaspoon of oil to prevent mosquitoes from hatching
  • Shift and / or turn Compost as indicated on signs
  • Weed or use vinegar/salt spray (found in shed) on Front Path
  • Check and secure loose paving stones
  • General tidying and sweeping
    • sweep mulch off of pavement
    • dispose of any trash blown into the garden
    • turn buckets upside down, ensure nothing is gathering standing water

Shared Garden Areas – Weed, Water, Monitor for pests

  • Perennial Beds A&B
  • Perennial Beds C&D
  • South Entry Area
  • Fruit Tree Area 1
  • Fruit Tree Area 2
  • Raspberry Patch behind the shed area

Always ensure the area around your assigned plot is free of weeds