2023 Season

General Garden Rules 2023 Season

I Will:

  • Respect all gardeners, their plots and common areas.
  • Have something planted by June 10, 2023 and keep the plot planted all season.
  • Ensure my plot is cleaned up by October 31, 2023, except for any plants left to overwinter.
  • Help maintain the composting system by following the Composting and Mulching Guidelines.
  • Participate with community gardening efforts by
    • attending, or sending a proxy to, at least 3 of the scheduled work days
    • doing at least one common area task, as seen on the calendar, when tending to my own plot
    • participate in the fall garden clean-up each growing season.
  • Ensure my plot and surrounding areas are weed, litter and garbage free.
  • Harvest only my own crop unless given permission by another plot user.
  • Harvest produce when it is ripe and not leave it to rot.
  • Ensure anything added to the compost is cut small enough to break down quickly
  • Ensure the following is not added to the compost:
    • diseased plants
    • weeds that have gone to seed or with roots that will regrow (e.g. dandelions)
    • meat or dairy products (with the exception of blood meal and bone meal)
    • chemically treated wood
    • conifer needles
    • pet waste or feces
    • potato plants.
  • Practice water conservation.
  • Use mulch as appropriate to reduce the need for watering.
  • Water my plots by hand (watering can).
  • Clean and return to tool shed shared garden tools.
  • Ensure visitors and children follow all garden guidelines.
  • Ensure no pets of any kind will be allowed to enter the garden at any time.
  • Ensure no smoking in the garden and immediate areas.
  • Not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or soils/composts pre-treated with any of these in the garden.
  • Deal with insect and weed infestations promptly to prevent spread to other areas.
  • Adequately dilute emulsified fish and seaweed fertilizers prior to application so as not to attract cats to the site.
  • Not plant the following without special permission from garden committee:
    • mint
    • raspberries
  • Ensure trellises are stable in all weather conditions and do not shade other plots.
  • Ensure cold frames do not exceed 2 ft in height above the frame of the bed.
  • Not place any structures beyond the boundary of your assigned bed.
  • Plant tall crops where they will not shade neighbouring plots.
  • Not use genetically modified (GMO) seeds or plants.

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