Updated forms for 2021

Good morning everyone.  As promised, we have made the updates to the registration forms and garden rules.  The forms are linked here. 

They are the Rules, the Registration form and Waiver.  We do ask that you complete and return the Registration and Waiver forms.  The waiver must be acknowledged and returned before working at the garden. The registration form does also confirm you have read and acknowledge the rules.

The change to the rules this year is to the part about attendance at our common workdays.  While it is easiest for us to make progress on common tasks when gardeners can all attend together, we recognize that not all can attend, especially with Covid and corresponding health concerns.  The addition to the rules formalizes our informal practice – In the event you cannot attend a given workday, please let us know, and we will try to find you an outstanding task that can be handled individually. 

The committee will try to send reminders and request confirmation of attendance for each planned workday, and like last year, we may end up providing alternate dates to ensure we remain onside with any restrictions in place.  It really does help our planning when everyone replies to those emails!

As for payments, if your bank supports it, you can send an e-transfer to the garden email address stbarnabasgarden@gmail.com .  It will be received by the treasurer [ Simon], in trust, and once all payments are received, he will write a cheque to the Garden, care of the Church.  The same email address will also work if you are a PayPal user.  If etransfer will not work for you, let us know, and we will find a way to coordinate accepting a cheque.  The cheque would be payable to St Barnabas Anglican Church, with a memo indicating it is for your garden registration.  The costs are the same as last year.  New gardeners will pay a $20 refundable deposit.  The fee for a full bed is $45 , and a half bed is $25.

2021 Registration and Zoom

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the 2021 gardening season.  The garden committee met recently to start planning activities for the year.  A little late compared to previous years, but just in time for the beginning of spring! 

With current gathering restrictions, we will not be holding our usual in-person kickoff and registration meeting.   Instead, we would like invite everyone to join us for a Zoom kickoff meeting.  It will be a chance to review any thoughts about last year’s season, and more importantly, reconnect with your fellow gardeners ahead of the season.

The meeting will be Saturday, March 27, 2021 from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM. The Zoom meeting details have been provided by email. Please contact us if you need them re-sent.

In the meantime, if you could please confirm, as soon as possible, preferably before the 27th, that you are still interested in keeping your plot for this year, that would be helpful.  This will let us know how many plots we have available for those on our wait list.  On that note, before we assign plots to new gardeners, there is an opportunity, first-come, first-served, for returning gardeners to switch to one of the vacant plots.  Please let us know before the meeting on the 27th, if you are interested in switching to one of 2, 5, or 7.

We will be making slight revisions to the registration forms and rules this year.  This will be mainly about how we will try to manage attendance at our workdays, given the likelihood of continues restrictions on gatherings.  Once the new forms are ready, we will let you know.  Fees will be the same this year, and as we did last year, it will be easiest to collect those by etransfer.   

Thanks everyone,

Update on 2020 Registration

Hello gardeners,

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during the current situation.  Everyone must be looking forward to being able to get out to our little garden and enjoy the improving weather and longer days of sunlight.  Like everyone else, the committee is still trying to understand how best to operate under the restrictions on gatherings. 

In the short term, we’ve slightly modified the registration forms.

The Waiver and the Registration form

There are two ways to complete the Registration and Waiver Forms.

  1. Print the attached forms.  Complete them, scan and return by e-mail
  2. Visit the site and download the Waiver and Registration forms.  Fill them out by using a PDF tool such as Acrobat.  Instructions from Adobe can be found here:


If you can fill in the forms electronically, save and send them in, that would be easiest for us.  Of course,

 If you cannot do either, please do at least send us an email ( if you have not already ) to let us know you are returning, and we’ll figure out the best way to accommodate the forms at a later time.  We will at least need some acceptance of the waiver, your current contact details and emergency information for our records, before we start growing. 

As for payments, if your bank supports it, you can send an e-transfer to our garden email stbarnabasgarden@gmail.com

address.  It will be received by the treasurer, Simon, in trust, and once all payments are received, he will write a cheque to the Garden, care of the Church.  The same email address will also work if you are a PayPal user.  If neither of those options work, again, please contact us to at least confirm you are returning to the Garden, and we will find a way to accommodate you in future.

At present, it does not look like a productive and safe workday can be held in the near future.  We will be considering the best ways to get the garden set up in time for the growing season, but some tasks may have to be deferred until later – especially things like spreading mulch.

Once we have a plan, we may ask for those of you who are able to, to volunteer.  Finally, there are two un-assigned beds at the moment.  If you are interested in moving to bed 4 or bed 10, we can accommodate that on a “first received” email basis.