2022 Gardening Season Kick Off

We hope everyone has had a good winter, and is looking forward to the upcoming gardening season.  The Committee has set the calendar for the upcoming year, and reviewed our notes for the small changes that have been suggested at the wrap up meeting.

The calendar can be found on the website – https://stbarnabasgarden.org/2022-meetings-and-events/.

Our first meeting of the year will be Saturday March 26, at 10:00am.  The current plan is that we will do this via Zoom, rather than the Church undercroft.  A link and passcode will be sent closer to the date.  

Please remember that attendance is mandatory.  In normal times, this meeting allows us to collect the forms and payments for the year.  We will try to do this all online this year, so please arrange your payments, and submit forms, via eTransfer to the garden email.  The forms are all on our website, please find them at https://stbarnabasgarden.org/general-information/

That deadline allows us to confirm plot assignments.  As of now, we have 4 open plots, and returning gardeners have the option to move to them if they prefer, before we assign plots to new gardeners ( there are 2 new gardeners waiting right now ).  Plots 5, 10, 12, and 13 are currently available.  The garden layout can be found on the Garden website as well.  Please let us know by the 26th if you would like to move to one of those plots.  Requests will be accomodated first-come, first-served.

The kick off meeting allows us to discuss any updates to rules and policies for the year.  And of course, it’s a great chance to meet your fellow gardeners, who hopefully you’ll be seeing around the garden throughout the year.  Please use the link above and find this years documents.  Please review the schedule and the rules, and return us a copy of the completed waiver and registration documents.

We try to be flexible with arrangements for everyone, but we do have the rules for a reason.  Besides important planting and cleanup dates, they reinforce the ‘community’ aspect of the Garden.  We really do need a commitment to planting on time, attending some of the group work days, and to the continued upkeep of shared areas between work days.  We want to make sure that all the plots are being well used, and the garden is kept tidy for ourselves and the Church.

After the registration day, the first big event for the year is the workday on Saturday April 23rd.  Should the weather not cooperate, the workday would be deferred to April 30th.

The other workdays will be spread out like previous years, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  At last year’s wrap up, we discussed that we are hoping to see the ‘weed and greet’ spirit return, to keep us all in touch.  We all hope for a normal summer, but of course, we cannot predict how the weather or Covid can affect our plans.  If you cannot attend workdays, please reach out to the Committee for an assigned task you can see to throughout the year.

Thanks, and see you March 26th!