The Garden Committee

There are five positions in the Community Garden Committee. They are:

The Chairperson

The Chairperson is appointed by the vicar of St. Barnabas Anglican church, and may or may not be a member of the church. Their responsibilities are to chair all the committee meetings and general meetings, to draw up the agendas for the meetings, and to approve all communications which go out to the garden members.

The Secretary

The Secretary is a garden member who has either been elected or has volunteered for the job. Their responsibilities are to take minutes for all meetings and to keep them on file.

The Webmaster

The Webmaster is a garden member who has either been elected or has volunteered for this position. Their responsibilities include taking care of the email account, maintaining the website, blog, and Facebook page and posting items approved by the committee.

The Church Liaison

The Church Liaison is St. Barnabas’ representative on the committee. They must be member of the church but not necessarily part of the community garden. Their duties include communicating between the garden committee and the church council and informing the church congregation about what is happening in the garden.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer is a garden member who has either been elected or has volunteered for this job. Their responsibilities include collecting and managing all the fees and refunds from the beds, allocating beds to garden members, and maintaining the mailing list for the garden.

In addition to these five positions, there may also be

Members at Large

Members at Large are individuals invited by the committee or elected by the gardeners from time to time to help out as needed.

Your 2022 Garden Committee is:

  • Simon Dyck: chair, treasurer
  • Linda Martin: secretary
  • Peter and Francesca Davenport:  member at large
  • Joy Halvorson: Church liaison

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