April 26th Workday

Well, it has been an inauspicious start to our gardening year.  Here’s hoping the workday on the 26th will see lots of sunshine and as many gardeners as possible.  We were originally scheduled for only 9:00am until noon, but with workload from the 12th’s workday, there will be much to do.

The list of tasks the Committee hopes to accomplish includes:

  • Remove all newly delivered mulch from the boulevard, and distribute evenly to the gardens
  • Move the garden banner two panels to the east, put up second banner from the shed, facing south next to the compost heap
  • Refresh bed numbers with felt-tipped marker
  • Weed mulched areas and communal beds (along south fence, herb, asparagus and perennial beds), pick up litter (garbage bags in tool shed)
  • Preparation for mulching along west fence of garden
    • dig up dandelions
    • install edging along base of fence, leaving 2-3 inches exposed to retain mulch

We will endeavor to have access to the Church undercroft, and will provide some sandwiches.  Please come prepared with clothing appropriate for the weather and the work.  Any tools that you can bring along for the tasks above will be put to good use.  Especially helpful will be shovels for digging the compost, and wheelbarrows to move it.

Also, as of this writing, there are still two beds available this year.  They are available first-come first-served by emailing stbarnabasgarden@gmail.com.