Early Sprouts and First Weed and Greet

Happy Long Weekend!

We hope everyone is enjoying the signs of spring.  As a reminder, our first weed and greet is coming up on Wednesday, May 24th, from 6:00pm till 7:00pm.  Please try to attend, as we’ll also have a special guest giving us a talk on microbial teas.  If you cannot attend, do continue to pitch in by weeding or watering the common area plants and trees when you are visiting your own plot.

Speaking of them, the common areas are coming along, the asparagus is ready to cut, help yourself to a few before they go to flower. The same is true for the rhubarb and chives and oregano, feel free to start harvesting those or they will go to seed.  Simon and Jen have already used some rhubarb to make a small batch of orange, ginger rhubarb preserves, based very loosely on this recipe.

Also, thanks to Matt and Jen for sharing some photo’s of the early returns in their bed – arugula, radish, spinach lettuce, garlic, and some snow peas that have just started!